The Ashtavakra Gita | Samhita | ANCIENT Vedic TEXT | I AM SELF LUMINOUS स्वप्रकाश

In the eyes of the Ashtavakra,

one’s true identity,

the Self,

is not contained in objects,

nor does any object exist in It.

It is without form and can be found by simply recognizing one’s being as the Witness Self.

Everything else is an illusion

The “little” self,

as in our perceived personality and identity,

the world, the universe.

All these things arise with the thought “I”,

the idea of separate identity.

This little “I” invents the material world,

which in our ignorance we falsely identify with and desperately cling to and strive to sustain and maintain

Forgetting our original Oneness,

our unity,

our light of consciousness,

we cling tightly in our imaginary separateness,

and we spend our lives controlled by the input of our five senses,

when in truth all the five senses arise OUT of the eternal self.

Our true nature is pure and choiceless Awareness.

We are already and always fulfilled.

We are already and always complete.

When you know this,

desire melts away because that is the nature of HAVING.

Clinging to nothing,

you become still.

Ashtavakra Gita

an advaitic masterpiece,

without pretense it comes out with the advaitic truth,

the whole truth and nothing but advaita which is the Truth.

Non duality.



There is no time involved at all in Self-Knowledge,

because it is not something external,

something somewhere faraway where you can go and get it,

it is always with you.

All that is necessary is to surrender yourself completely.

In truth, surrender and Self-enquiry are the only two ways to Self-Realization.

Love is the source

The alpha and the omega

Love is truth the only truth

Find the truth by following the trail of love

“The way of love is not a subtle argument;

the door there is devastation;

birds make great sky circles of their freedom,

how do they learn that?

They fall, and falling,

they’re given wings.

You so distracted me,

your absence fans my love.

Don’t ask how,

then you come near;

do not,

I say,

and do not you answer,

don’t ask why this delights me.

Stars burn clear all night till dawn;

do that yourself,

and the spring will rise in the dark with water;

your deepest thirst is for.

You’re the spring,

we’re grasses trailing in it,

you’re the king coming by,

we’re beggars along the road,

you’re the voice,

we’re echoes of.

You’re calling for us now,

how could we not return?

I see my beauty in you.

I become a mirror that cannot close its eyes to your longing.

My eyes wet with yours in the early light.

My mind every moment giving birth,

always conceiving, always in the ninth month,

always the come-point.

How do I stand this?

We become these words we say,

a wailing sound moving out into the air.

These thousands of worlds that rise from nowhere,

how does your face contain them?

I’m a fly in your honey,

then closer,

a moth caught in flame’s allure,

then empty sky stretched out in homage.

Time’s knife slides from the sheath,

as a fish from where it swims.

Being closer and closer is the desire of the body.

Don’t wish for union.

There’s a closeness beyond that.

Fall in love in such a way that it frees you from any connecting.

Fall in love in such a way that it frees you from any connecting.

Love is the soul’s light,

the taste of morning.

No me,

no we,

no claim of being.

These words are the smoke the fire gives off as it absolves its defects.

As eyes in silence,

tears face.

Love cannot be said.”


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