Lalleshwari: Poet, Saint, Heart of humanity, Divine Feminine, Yogeshwari.


Poet, Saint, Heart of humanity, Divine Feminine, Yogeshwari.

Welcome in, to her reading nook.

Don’t think I did all this to get famous. 

I never cared for the good things of life. 

I always ate sensibly. 

I knew hunger well, 

and sorrow, 

and God.

Lal Ded

The Poems of Lal Ded


 Lalleshwarri, also known locally as “Lal Ded ” 1320–1392), was a Kashmiri mystic and liberated saint of the Kashmir Shaivism school of Hindu philosophy.

Lal Ded’s works were first recorded in writing in the twentieth century, and have been frequently republished since, in Kashmiri as well as in translation. In 1914, Sir George Grierson,  commissioned a copy of Lal Ded’s vakhs. A written record of the vakhs was unavailable at the time, and one was prepared by transcribing an oral narration of the vakhs performed by Dharma-dasa Darwesh, a story-teller residing in Gush, Kashmir. This manuscript was translated into English by Grierson. Following his translation, a number of English translations have been produced, by Pandit Ananda Koul (1921), Sir Richard Carnac Temple (1924).

 She was the creator of the style of mystic poetry called vatsun or Vakhs, literally “speech” (from Sanskrit vaak).

Known as Lal Vakhs, her verses are the earliest compositions in the Kashmiri language and are an important part in the history of modern Kashmiri literature.

Lal Ded (“Mother Lal” or “Mother Lalla”) is also known by various other names, including:

  • Lal Dyad (Dyad means Grandmother)
  • Lalla Aarifa
  • Lal Diddi
  • Lalla Yogishwari/Yogeshwari
  • and Lalishri

The first written record of Lal Ded’s life is contained in the Tadhkirat-ul-Arifin (1587), a collection of biographies of saints and religious figures written by Mulla Ali Raina, and followed by an account of her life in Baba Daud Mishkati’s Asrar ul-Akbar (1654). In these texts, Lal Ded is described as a mystic saint, appearing in the forest to travelers



 All through my footsore verse 

a single story has befallen me: 

I, Lalla, am on a lake

 on what bank shall I now run aground? 

Three times I’ve seen a lake flood a lake 

Once, a lake, taking the place of sky 

A waste of water, once, that was a bridge

 From Crescent Face to Footprint Lake 

that was the flowing world 

Seven times a lake being the swell and shape of empty 

 In the time it takes to take a breath, and more 

breath by slow breath

I forced my still breath 

down the bellows’ throat

 An offering-light lit up for me 

and what I was 

came unrobed into view. 

I winnowed the light inside, scattering it out 

and in the darkness, laying hold of it, I held on.

 Not for a minute did I hope, nor by a hair trust in it I, Lalla, drank from that wine, my own utterance.

 I seized the inward dark indistinct; I hauled it down: 

And hacked at it, tore through it, rend it to pieces. 

 I, Lalla, set out 

wanting to flower 

like the bloom of cotton: 

that was I, tenuous,

 whom the seed-picking cleaner

 then the carder so abused 

when the woman spinning 

had lifted me off thread 

by trembling thread that was I 

so cruelly used, 

set to hang in the weaver’s room. 

When the washerman brought me down 

again and again 

against the washing stone 

that was I, and that was me he pressed 

and how long

 working in clays of earth 

and soap deep within me. 

But when the tailor 

plied me into pieces,

turning me around 

beneath the long cloth scissors 

I reached, at last,

 the going way without measure.

I have seen a serious man hunger, and of hunger dying: 

as a leaf being taken in winter 

by the least wind, 

ever so gentle.

 I have seen a moron murderously beating 

the man who feeds him,

 and since then I, Lalla, am waiting

 will it not be torn? 

This love, ever so delightful. 

 Look at me:

 towing a boat over vast waters with such slender sewing-thread 

Where will my shining one hear me?

 If only he would ferry 

even me. 

Stilled into quiet, as still-water lost 

from unfired cups of clay. 

Sick, my life wanders out, I want 

to go home

The soul, like the moon,

is now, and always new again.

And I have seen the ocean

continuously creating.

Since I scoured my mind

and my body, I too, Lalla,

am new, each moment new.

My teacher told me one thing,

live in the soul.

When that was so,

I began to go naked,

and dance.

Countless times we come, and

Limitless times we should go

In movement we should remain,

Day after day and, night after night;

Whence we come, thence

We should return:

Something or the other

and, something or the other

And, something or what?

Day will be erased in night.

The ground’s surface will extend outward.

The new moon will be swallowed

in eclipse, and the mind in meditation

will be completely absorbed

by the Void inside it.

They who give up false hopes and don’t

put trust in the things of the world

Ascend, unafraid of Death’s terrors

by scriptures told;

For having lived contented lives,

they are not debtors of Desire

Shiva or Keshava 

or the Enlightened One 

or the Lotus-born 

whatever He calls Himself


I just wish He’d cure this poor woman 

of life


be He He or He or He or He.

I’m towing my boat 

across the ocean with a thread. 

Will He hear me and help me across? 

Or am I seeping away 

like water from a half-baked cup?

 Wander, my poor soul, 

you’re not going home anytime soon.

Grierson, Sir George Abraham and Lionel D. Barnett, trans. and eds. 1920. 

Sir Richard Carnac. 1924.  The words of Lalla the prophetess. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press.

Expired copyrights, public domain

Other assorted  later translations in the public domain

Block Title

Yoni Tantra

When in such embrace your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking


Excerpt from “112 secrets”:

When in such embrace, in such deep communion with the beloved or the lover, your senses are shaken as leaves, enter this shaking. We have even become afraid: while making love you do not allow your bodies to move much, because if your bodies are allowed much movement the sex act spreads all over your body.

You can control it when it is localized at the sex center. The mind can remain in control. When it spreads all over your body, you cannot control it. You may start shaking, you may start screaming, and you will not be able to control your body once the body takes over.

We suppress movements. Particularly, all over the world, we suppress all movements, all shaking for women. They remain just like dead bodies. You are doing something to them; they are not doing anything to you. They are just passive partners. Why is this happening? Why all over the world do men suppress women in such a way? There is fear — because once a woman’s body becomes possessed, it is very difficult for a man to satisfy her: because a woman can have chain orgasms; a man cannot have. A man can have only one orgasm; a woman can have chain orgasms. There are cases of multiple orgasms reported. Any woman can have at least three orgasms in a chain, but man can have only one. And with man’s orgasm, the woman is aroused and is ready for further orgasms. Then it is difficult. Then how to manage it?

She needs another man immediately, and group sex is a taboo. All over the world we have created monogamous societies. We seem to feel that it is better to suppress the woman. So, really, eighty to ninety percent of women never know what orgasm is. They can give birth to children; that is another thing. They can satisfy the man; that is also another thing. But they themselves are never satisfied. So if you see such bitterness in women all over the world — sadness, bitterness, frustration — it is natural. Their basic need is not fulfilled.

Shaking is just wonderful because when you shake in your sex act the energy starts flowing all over the body, the energy vibrates all over the body. Every cell of the body is involved then. Every cell becomes alive because every cell is a sex cell.

When you were born, two sex cells met and your being was created, your body was created, those two sex cells are everywhere in your body. They have multiplied and multiplied and multiplied, but your basic unit remains the sex cell. When you shake all over your body, it is not only a meeting of you with your beloved. Within your body also, each cell is meeting with the opposite cell. This shaking shows it. It will look animal-like, but man IS an animal and there is nothing wrong in it.

This second sutra says, “WHEN IN SUCH EMBRACE YOUR SENSES ARE SHAKEN AS LEAVES…” A great wind is blowing and a tree is shaking. Even the roots are shaking, every leaf is shaking. Just be like a tree. A great wind is blowing, and sex IS a great wind — a great energy blowing through you. Shake! Vibrate! Allow every cell of your body to dance, and this should be for both. The beloved is also dancing, every cell vibrating. Only then can you both meet, and then that meeting is not mental. It is a meeting of your bio-energies.

Enter this shaking, and while shaking don’t remain aloof. Don’t be a spectator, because mind is the spectator. Don’t stand aloof! Be the shaking, become the shaking. Forget everything and become the shaking. It is not that your body is shaking: it is YOU, your whole being. You become the shaking itself. Then there are not two bodies, two minds. In the beginning, there are two shaking energies, and in the end just a circle — not two.

What will happen in this circle? One, you will be part of an existential force — not a societal mind, but an existential force. You will be part of the whole cosmos. In that shaking you will be part of the whole cosmos. That moment is of great creation. You are dissolved as solid bodies. You have become liquid — flowing into each other. The mind is lost, the division is lost. You have a oneness.

This is ADVAITA, this is non-duality. And if you cannot feel this non-duality, then all the philosophies of non-duality are useless. They are just words. Once you know this non-dual existential moment, then only can you understand the Upanishads. Then only you can understand the mystics — what they are talking about when they talk of a Cosmic oneness, a wholeness. Then you are not separate from the world, not alien to it. Then the existence becomes your home. And with that feeling that “Now I am at home in the existence,” all worries are lost. Then there is no anguish, no struggle, no conflict. This is what Lao Tzu calls Tao, what Shankara calls ADVAITA. You can choose your own word for it, but through a deep love embrace it is easy to feel it. But be alive, shaking, and become the shaking itself.

Yoni Tantra

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First Patala

Seated on the peak of Mount Kailash, the God of Gods, the Guru of all creation, was questioned by Durga-of-the-Smiling-Face, Naganandini.

Lord, 64 tantras have been created. Tell me, Ocean of Compassion, about the chief of these.

Mahadeva said:

Listen, dearest Parvati, to this great secret. You have asked to hear this 10 million times. Beauteous One, it is because of your feminine nature that you continually ask me.

You should conceal this by every effort. Parvati, there is Mantra Pitha, Yantra Pitha and yoni Pitha. Amongst these, the chief is certainly the Yoni Pitha, revealed to you from affection.

Naganandini, listen closely! Hari, Hara and Brahma — the gods of creation, maintenance and destruction — all originate in the yoni.

A person should not worship the yoni if he does not have the Shakti mantra. This initiation and mantra is the deliverer from hell.

I am Mrityunjaya, beloved of your yoni. Surasundari, I always worship Durga in my heart lotus. This liberates the mind from distinctions such as Divya and Vira. O Lady Goddess! worshiping in this manner, liberation is placed within a person’s reach.

A Yoni worshiper should prepare the Shakti mantra. He gains wealth, poesy, wisdom and omniscience. He becomes the four-faced Brahma for one hundred million eons.

What is the use of talking! To speak of this avails naught. If a person worships with menstrual flowers, he also has power over fate. Doing much Puja in this way, he may

become liberated.

The devotee should place a Shakti in a circle. She should be wanton, beautiful, devoid of shame and disgust, charming by nature, supremely alluring and beautiful. After giving her Vijaya, the devotee should worship her with utmost devotion.

He should place her on his left, and should worship her hair-adorned Yoni. At the edges of the Yoni, the devotee should place sandal and beautiful blossoms. There, in-drawing the goddess, he should do Jiva Nyasa using Mantra, having given her wine and drawing a half-moon using vermilion. After smearing sandal on her forehead, the devotee should caress her breasts.

After reciting the mantra for 108 times, while in her arms, the devotee should caress the breasts, having previously kissed her on the cheek. The mantra should be recited 108 or 1008 times in the Yoni circle.

After reciting the Mighty Mantra, he should recite the hymn very devotedly.

At the time of worship, the guru should not be present. I am a worshiper. If the guru is present, there is no fruit, there is absolutely no doubt of it.

The worshiper, using great efforts, should make the results of the Puja over to the guru. After making three offerings of hands full with flowers, he should bow again to his own guru. The wise man should, by every means, offer to his guru — putting the hands together in the sign of obeisance.

After performing Yoni Puja using these methods, the devotee attains whatever is desired — there is no doubt of it. The fruit of doing Puja to the Great Yoni, deliverer from the ocean of misery, is life and enhanced vitality.

Second Patala

Devi said: God of Gods, Natha of all the cosmos, cause of creation, maintenance and destruction, without you there is no father, just as without me there is no mother. You have spoken of the ultimate way of performing Yoni Puja through sexual intercourse. Which types of Yoni should be worshiped and which bring good fortune?

The devotee should worship the mother’s Yoni and have intercourse with all Yonis. He may have intercourse with any woman between the ages of twelve and sixty.

He should worship the yoni daily, using the five Tattvas. By seeing the Yoni, he gains the merit of bathing at ten thousand Tirthas.

The forehead mark should be made from Yoni Tattva, and dress should be of the Kaula type. The type of material used for sitting and the worship itself should be of the Kaula form.

Firstly, in intercourse, the purified worshiper should draw the Shakti to himself by her hair and should place his Linga into her hand. The Linga Puja and the Yoni Puja should be performed according to the injunctions. Beloved One, red powder and sandal should be smeared on the Linga.

The linga should be inserted into the Yoni and there should be vigorous intercourse. He who uses this method attains the highest essence. A devotee should worship with the Yoni Tattva, of the form of Yoni, the Deluder of the World, at night when it is full moon, at a crossroads.

After going to a cremation ground, offering cooked fish, milk, food and meat, he becomes like Kubera, the God of Wealth.

A Yantra of Yoni shape should be drawn on the ground and the mantra recited. O Devi, after reading the Kavaca, a person should recite the 1000 names. He becomes a son to Kalika and liberated. Offering meat in a deserted place and repeating the mantra and the Stotra, a man becomes a lord of yoga.

Having seen the yoni full of menses, after bathing and reciting the mantra 108 times, a person becomes a Siva on earth. One should recite the Mantra after offering both one’s own semen and the Yoni flowers.

Cooked fish, egg, mouse flesh, buffalo flesh, human flesh, wine, meat and ground cereal should be offered at night.

Wherever this great place (of offering) is, therein plays the Great Essence. One should be naked, with disheveled hair, sitting in the Pratyalidha posture (in a cross-legged position). At all times and everywhere, the mantra should be recited when in the great yoni. One should worship the essence of Devi, the Shakti in the form of a Shakti. Doing thus, a man attains the four aims of mankind — Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Sadhakas, together at night, should offer using wine and meat. By all means a sadhaka should have intercourse in the Yoni, previously caressing the Shakti’s breasts.

If intercourse is performed in Viparita mode, the Shakti becomes the Goddess. The Sadhaka becomes instantly regenerated and fully alive by using the water from washing yoni and linga.

After worshiping the Great Yoni according to rules, one should make an offering. The water of the yoni is of three types and one should offer it to the Shakti. Mahadevi, after mixing the water with wine, a purified Sadhaka should drink it.

The supreme woman will be pleased by offering her clothes, perfumes and jewels. Whilst in the yoni, one should worship the Vidya, at night, according to the ritual rule.

The best of Sadhakas should mix the effusion from yoni and linga in water, sipping this Amrita, he should nourish himself with it.

Third Patala

Great Lady, listen very attentively. This should be concealed with every effort. Never reveal it! Revealing it causes loss of Siddhi, revealing it causes death. Revealing it destroys mantra. Revealing it may cause one to be tom to pieces.

The miraculous Yoni Tattva Tantra is the best of all Tantras. Because of love for you, this very hidden Tantra is revealed. The only evil in sexual intercourse is disgust for blood and semen. He who mixes them with wine is discriminating in worship.

How can one be wicked on account of the Shakti mantra?

Having worshiped the Great Yoni, the Sadhaka should do Puja with the flesh of goats, sheep, men, deer, mongoose, buffalo, elephants, cows, jackals, lions, horses and tortoises, in a devotional frame of mind.

10,000,000 Kaulas arise using the Yoni doctrine. If one worships the Yoni there is equivalence to the Sun and the Moon. Should one use Yoni Tattva oblation never again is one born on Earth. One is born in due course in wondrous Devi Loka. There resides the powerful Sadhaka, the Great Lord, conjoined with his Shakti. One should do all acts, japa and so forth, employing the excellent Great Conch Rosary.

What can be achieved by men without the five Tattvas?

All is without result and one may fall into hell and be baked in pots until the end of time.

The sin acquired in a myriad of births is instantly destroyed if one should worship, offering into the Yoni aperture. Combining semen with menses or Svapushpa menses and taking this in the hand, carefully offer it into the Yoni.

One becomes Kalika’s son and renowned. Devi is at the base of the Yoni and Naganandini is in the Yoni. Kali and Tara are in the Yoni Chakra and Chinnamastaka in the hair. Bagalamukhi and Matangi are on the rim of the Yoni. Mahalakshmi, Shodashi and Bhuvaneshvari are within the Yoni. By worshiping the Yoni one certainly worships Shakti.

Worship giving bali of birds and other living creatures and with blood. For the Sadhaka who says Aim Aim at the time of worship, the Yoni is fortunate and gives both enjoyment and liberation. A yogin is not a bhogin and a bhogin is not a yogin, but if one worships the yoni one is a Kaula, a person who has both Yoga and Bhoga. (Bhog = worship, Yoga = a practice aka Patanjali yoga Sutra) All worship is pointless without worship of the Yoni, O Durga.

Candali, Lady of Hosts, the foremost one, is the center of the yoni. By worshiping in this way, one becomes my equal, most certainly.

What use are meditations, reciting mantras, giving gifts or Kaula nectars? O Durga, without yoni worship, all are fruitless.

If one is incapable of giving that which should be offered in my Sadhana, one may, instead, be exclusively devoted to yoni Puja. A Sadhaka should worship with jewels and clothes. After worshiping the Great Yoni, then he should enter the circle.

Prostrating himself like a stick on earth, he should then display the Yoni Mudra. Durga becomes pleased with a Sadhaka who is devoted to the yoni.

What point is there of many words? The yoni which has bled is suitable for worship. Do not worship a yoni which has never bled. Worshiping a Yoni which has never bled causes loss of Siddhi on every occasion.

Fourth Patala

All Japa and the like is to be done according to the rules of Mahacina. The nature of yoni worship is thus declared to you, O Devi.

Although to be kept secret, it is revealed from love for you. In the country of Kocha, near Yonigarta, on the west bank of the Ganges is the renowned Madhavi. Going there, one may gain the Yoni Darshana, O Maheshvari.

O Devi, there I became exclusively devoted to Yoni worship each night. Practicing religious mendicancy, I always go there.

There is no Yoni on earth resembling the beautifully rounded Yoni of Madhavi and the firmness of her breasts.

Worshiping this causes Shivoham. Listen, Parvati!

Krishna, after worshiping Radha’s Yoni, became God Krishna. Sri Rama Janaki Nath worshiped Sita’s Yoni. Killing Ravana and his clan, he then went to Ayodhya City and lived in a beautiful palace there. Vishnu, Brahma, the saints and I myself all were born from a Yoni.

What knowledge in the three worlds can match the magnificence of the Yoni Tattva? Devi, without the five Tattvas of wine, meat, fish, grain and union, all is fruitless.

Veda is the highest of all things and better than Veda is Vaishnava. Better than Vaishnava is Shaiva and better than Shaiva is Dakshina. Greater than Dakshina is Vama and better than Vama is Siddhanta. Higher than Siddhanta is the Kaula who desires the yoni — like a sun shining in the sky or a veritable Meru to a mustard seed.

The pre-eminence of the Kaula knowledge is praised in all Tantras. By the power of good fortune, one is a knower of Kaula. Giving appropriate foods, one should please and worship by every effort. The best of Sadhakas is exclusively devoted to Yoni Puja.

One becomes Siddha by using this revealed doctrine, there is no doubt. While Pashus speak only of the sexual intercourse of beasts, in the Divya (divine) temperament there is exclusive devotion to the doctrine of the Yoni. One becomes pure by making a forehead mark of Yoni Tattva.

In this text, feeding Kumaris and feeding Kulinas are the two chief things. O Durga, there is no doubt of this.

Within a Shakta, outwardly a Shaiva, in gatherings a Vaishnava — in various forms the Kaulas wander on earth.

O Naganandini, within the family lineage of a thousand generations, only a Kulina is pure.

Whoever washes the feet of a Kulina purifies home and body. In whichever country a Kulina lusting after the yoni is born — that place is worshiped by the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Giving to a Kulina brings endless gifts in return. Offering into the hands of a Pashu is fruitless in every way.

It is impossible for me to speak of the greatness of the Kulina! Whoever satisfies a Kulina is liberated by ten millions Kaulas. I bestow grace only through Kaula Yoga, this is without doubt. Devi, the state of being an Avadhuta is the greatest of the four Ashramas of humankind.

I achieved my status of Mahadeva by Kaula Yoga and through exclusive devotion to Yoni worship. The demon Tripura was obliterated in times past by your Yoni’s grace.

The Pandavas succeeded in battle by worshipping Draupadi’s Yoni.

In the absence of the Yoni of a maiden or a beautiful woman, worship the Yoni of a sister or of a female pupil. Worship the Yoni daily, otherwise pronounce the mantra. Do not perform useless Puja without Yoni Puja.

Fifth Patala

The Mahavidya, mantra and preparation of the mantra do not bestow Siddhi without worship of the Yoni. One should bow thrice before the Yoni with a flower, Maheśvari, else the Puja of a man is useless even in 1000 lifetimes.

Guru is clearly Siva and his partner is the true form (of the goddess). A Kaulika goes to hell if he has sexual intercourse with her. The best sort of sadhaka should have intercourse with all other Yonis. On whoever’s forehead is placed the Yoni Tattva, there too are Devas, Demons, Yakshas and the Fourteen Worlds.

If the twice-bom Kulina should recite Her mantra during the Shraddha, his ancestors dwelling in heaven bestow Siddhi. Intoxicated, they laud and hymn his praise.

If a Sadhaka should perform Sadhana in a woman’s Yoni, all born in his family become knower of Kaula. A sadhaka should always meditate on the pure Yoni. O Mahadevi, one should always smear the yoni Tattva on the body. If one should place one’s Linga next to her vagina and then penetrate, one becomes liberated by ten million Kulas and gains all results.

In the mutual friction of the Linga and Yoni is great Sadhana. The greatest thing in Mantra recitation and Sadhana is the outflow of semen and vaginal emission.

The powerful Sadhaka, following the rule, should offer the augmented substance to the yoni region after mixing the semen and Yoni Tattva together.

From the lotus feet of the woman the Grace of the Goddess showers down. At the time of Sadhana, abandon any other method.

The wise man, following the rules of Kaulashastra, should caress that Yoni. If one should do Puja of a mother’s Yoni, one should prepare it. After worshipping according to rule, one should not have intercourse. One should only couple with the Yoni that bleeds.

Dearest, if by good fortune one is partner to a Brahmin girl, one should worship her Yoni Tattva. Otherwise, worship other Yonis.

In Pashu initiation without five tattvas, all is fruitless. Resort to a Kaulaguru initiating into Shakti by every effort.

If a Sadhaka should consume (Yoni Tattva) whilst only Pashu initiated, his initiation and his methods cause black magic. Therefore, by every effort, resort to a Kulina Guru. If desiring to do Puja, resort to a Kulina Guru. Only then does a yoni bestow grace — like Sita’s vagina for Ramachandra and your yoni for me.

If one should worship a hair-adorned Yoni, one becomes like a king. All acts become fruitful, no doubt of it.

One becomes very wealthy if marking oneself with a forehead mark of yoni flowers. Devi, smeared with red, one dwells in Durga’s paradise.

Parvati said:

Ocean of Compassion, by what method should the Yoni, which is the essence of the cosmos, to be worshiped? If You or a Sadhaka should worship a Yoni, how does it bestow grace? Speak of this to me! I want to hear all of this because of my great curiosity.

Mahadeva said:

A Sadhaka wishing to worship a Yoni, which is the form of the cosmos, should cause an erection and insert it into that thing which is Shakti Herself.

The vagina is Mahamaya and the penis is Sadashiva. Worshiping them, one becomes liberated while still alive, there is no doubt of it. One should offer Bali, flowers and so forth. If incapable of this, worship with wine, O Durga.

One should do Pranayama and my six limbed Puja in the Yoni region. After reciting the mantra 100 times at the base of the yoni, one should rub the Linga and the yoni together.

I have thereby declared the manner of proceeding for all Sadhakas. Deveshi, never reveal this tantra! Do not give it to the disciple of another or to the undevoted. Mahadevi, the Yoni Tantra is revealed from love for you.

Sixth Patala

If a person should gaze at a Yoni while ritually bathing, his life becomes fruitful. There is no doubt of this. One should look at one’s partner’s Yoni, at another woman’s Yoni, the Yoni of a maiden — in the absence of a maiden’s yoni one should gaze reverentially at the Yoni of a pupil.

Never worship the Yoni in front of Pashus. Using the Yoni Sadhana method, one definitely becomes like Vishnu, of this there is no doubt. Whosoever does this is praised by the Suras and Asuras in heaven and the underworld. Only one acting with Vira Sadhana is liberated from sorrow.

This well-balanced Sadhana is revealed from love for you. If a worshiper of the Yoni Tattva enters a dispute, after conquering all enemies he becomes ultimately victorious, O Durga. What is the point of bathing in the Ganges? What need is there to resort to sacred places? There is nothing equivalent to devotion to the Yoni. Acting otherwise is useless.

Deveshi, even with my five mouths I am unable to speak of the Yoni’s greatness! Listen Naganandini, by grace of your Yoni I became Mahadeva!

Whichever Sadhaka should have intercourse in a woman’s Yoni becomes liberated from the great misery which is the terrible Ocean of Samsara. What need of many words in this matter? Parvati-Sundari, listen! There is nothing praised in the world morę worthy of praise than the Yoni Tattva.

Devi, without it, how could it be possible for Vishnu or Shiva to speak? How could I be capable of anything, O Mother Durga? How is it possible for me to describe your great receptacle of riches?

Devi said:

Mahadeva, Natha of the whole cosmos, cause of creation, maintenance and destruction, you have spoken of the acts relating to Virasadhana. Deva, how can a person be an unbeliever if he has heard this declared by you? Mahadeva, share this sacred trust. Remove any doubts I may have.

Mahadeva said:

Listen, most beautiful Parvatl Naganandini! Listen very devotedly. Listen attentively to that which should never be revealed, even at the risk of your own life. Deveshi, you should always conceal this as if it were your own Yoni.

The secret I reveal is true, true, there is no doubt of it. Practicing it, one never becomes immersed in the Ocean of Life. The Yoni is Mahamaya herself, the Linga is the form of Sadashiva. Sundari, offering should be with their effusion and with wine and flesh.

Sundari, one should bring together the Yoni and the Linga and worship the Tattva. One should place oneself in this certain thing and give everything to Shakti. One should satisfy using the five tattvas in the shape of the vagina, which is the whole universe. Deveshi, if this is revealed, one commits brahmicide.

Durga, this sacred trust is known to be of very great merit. This sacred trust bestows siddhi and liberation. Deveshi, not knowing this sacred trust, one certainly goes to hell. Yoni Sadhana is the greatest of all Sadhana.

If one should worship the Yoni after enjoying and drinking, one is freed from the sins of ten million births, which are instantly destroyed.

Liberation is achieved through enjoyment. Happiness is gained through enjoyment. Therefore, by every effort, a Sadhaka should become an enjoyer. The wise man should always avoid blame, disgust or shame of the Yoni. Unless the Yoni is worshiped using the Kulachara method, even one hundred thousand Sadhanas are useless.

If one should lick the elixir at the edge of the yoni, evil in one’s body or dwelling place is certainly destroyed. What point is there to bathing in the Ganges or in other Tirthas? Dearest, in this matter relating to a powerful sadhaka always worshiping the vagina, what use is there of many words?

Listen, O One-dear-to-me-as-life-itself, this Sadhana of Sadhakas is the best of all methods. Unless one uses all five tattvas and not just four, all is fruitless. Unless the fifth is included, one is not a Shakta having both happiness and liberation. Unless one uses the wine of Shakti, all becomes fruitless.

The leftovers of both the Shakti and the Vira should be drunk. After doing this, and always worshiping the Mahayoni, having enjoyed and having drunk, one should eat within the circle. One should take a Tulsi rosary and recite mantra in a Hari temple.

After reciting mantra and various legends and lesser stories, one should then recite the great stories of Sri Hari. Hari is described as being the sum-total of all existence. One should slay beasts in that place. (?)

This is the quintessential secret of sadhana, by practicing it one becomes wealthy. Parvati, never perform this most excellent sadhana in front of Pashus.

If one should worship the Yoni, bowing thrice with a flower, all karmas are destroyed and nothing in the three worlds becomes unattainable.


Seventh Patala

Maheśani, now I will speak of the ultimate Vira Sadhana. Whichever Sadhaka knows this becomes liberated whilst still living. The essence of the Divya is divinity, the chief element in a Vira is strong-mindedness.

Wherever a Vira lives, that country is worshiped by the Gods. By seeing a Vira, one gains the fruit of bathing in ten million tirthas. Offering water into a Vlra’s hand, one becomes liberated by a host of Kaulas.

If one should please a Vira, what is there which cannot be attained in the three worlds? The time when Viras recite Mantra is better than any other time.

The best Sadhakas should recite Mantra within the Yoni at a place where there is a Shiva Linga, at the root of a bilva, in the cremation ground, at an isolated spot or in a house. The best of all food to use for worship is that filling the Shakti’s womb. O Devi, unless wine and flesh are used, one dies swiftly.

Therefore, after eating and drinking, one should then consume (Yoni Tattva). Of all food, this is the food which should be worshiped fearlessly. Maheshani, sexual intercourse in every kind of Yoni is widely praised. One should always smear a line of menstrual blood or sandal paste or semen on the forehead. For Viras, this is the core of true bliss.

Now I speak of the sadhana giving results above every other kind of sadhana. When bathing and so forth, for purification, summons, recitation, puja, mental worship and oblation any time is good. There is no such thing as an inauspicious time. It makes no difference whether it be night or day, the 14th day of the waning moon or the twilight time. In the matter of robes, seat, place, house, bodily contact and so forth, maintain internal purity. One should not be dualistic here.

There are no rules relating to direction, time or place. There are no restrictions on the best time for recitation of a mantra, the time for worship or rules relating to bali.

One should never make distinctions relating to women and should refrain from dualism in the sadhana of women. A Sadhaka should go to a woman and should touch and look at her. After feeding her, one should recite the mantra and consume the substance according to one’s desire. Thus are declared the characteristics in acts of Vira Sadhana according to Svecchachara (a spiritual state in which an individual may act according to her or his own Will).

Women are divine, women are life, women are truły jewels. Always have intercourse with a woman and meditate, whether she be one’s own woman or not. That which has been revealed to you is the whole essence hidden in all Tantra. The injunction relating to Vira Siddhi has been revealed from love for you.

At the time of consuming the substance, one should firstly offer it to one’s Shakti. Otherwise, one may first cast water into the vagina. The Sadhaka, going to a deserted cremation ground, should have sexual intercourse with his Shakti after enjoying food and reciting the mantra.

Parvati, now listen to the time when the semen-menses is emitted. If one should worship the Yoni Tattva, making a forehead mark with it, all defects and evils of a hundred births are immediately destroyed.

A Mantrin should recite in an old house, in a place where ghosts abound or in a deserted place. At the risk of one’s life, never reveal it to Pashus! Vlra Sadhana is vain without wine and useless without sexual union. Durga, if a vlra does not use the five Tattvas, he fails on this planet. For this reason, after eating and drinking, the Mantrin should recite the Great Mantra. Dearest Goddess, this Vira Sadhana is the best of all Sadhanas.

What point is there of 100,000 acts of Divya or Vira Sadhana? What point to 100 million recitations of Mantra or 100 ritual preparations of the Mantra? What use is there in resorting to 100,000 Tirthas? What point is there to gifts or self mortification?

Maheshani, without vagina, all these are eąually fruitless! Employing Yoni Puja, one attains a share of all Sadhana. By Yoni Tattva oblation, the ancestors reside in paradise. One should always caress a nubile Yoni. If one should divert oneself in the urgent dance after preparing the cavity of the great yoni, then one is freed from all defects and stains of all births by the hosts of Kaulas.

If a devoted person of contemplative mind should specifically worship the virgin Yoni of a beautiful female pupil with scent and flower, having enjoyed happiness here on earth, afterwards he dwells in Devi Loka.

In the absence of scent and flower, one should do the sadhana with wine. Deveshi, at the puja time he should do Vishnu Sadhana, Vishnu Nyasa and then recite praise.

Eighth Patala

The Kaulika Natha, at the time of worship, knows his Shakti to be Urvashi, she who can control heart of others, who is womankind in the three worlds. Without sexual union there is never liberation, whether from Shastras, Shrutis, Smriti, Puranas etc created by me. Listen, O one-dear-to-me-as-life, of the destruction of the mental predisposition of Pashus. One should worship a nubile Yoni in a highly ecstatic way.

Whosoever in this Kali Yuga recites mantra in a supremely devoted way specifically to the Yoni, the core of the universe, is within reach of liberation.

Amongst thousands of Sadhakas and tens of millions of worshippers, fortunate are they who do Kali sadhana. Kali is the Mother of the Universe and of all shastra, quite certainly. Remembering Kali frees one from the fetters of a Pashu.

After reciting Kali’s Great Mantra, one becomes Kali’s son, there is no doubt. This is true, true, true, true without question.

Just as for Kali, so also for the Vidyas and rules of Tripura, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshvari, China-Tara, Mahalakshmi, Matangi, Sundari, Bhairavi, Dakshina and Tarini. Success cannot be achieved save with the method of Chinachara.

Whatever mantra one is initiated into, this is the best method. Devoid of this sacred trust, one becomes unsuccessful and therefore is reborn again.

That which is written in this Yoni Tantra all Sadhakas should accomplish according to their own wills.

Maheshani, meditate as being absorbed in the Yoni Chakra, with Yoni on the tongue, Yoni in the mind, Yoni in the ears and Yoni in the eyes. Mighty Lady, all Sadhana is vain unless with the Yoni. Therefore, reject other pujas and do Yoni Puja. Maheshani, there is no Siddhi without devotion to the Guru.

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To the pure ALL things are PURE | EIYPO | Neville Goddard

To the pure ALL things are PURE | EIYPO | Neville Goddard

Have you wondered if it is okay to use LOA to get revenge or to wish anything negative on someone else? (Is THAT your end?)

Do you feel justified in wishing retaliation of some sort? (Is THAT your end?)

Are you wishing that someone would get divorced so that you can marry them, or in any way shape or form trying to manifest the middle in a way that causes YOU to have negative thoughts?

If yes, then you need to read this.

What does Neville actually have to say about messing with the middle?

There is a reason why we NEVER mess with the middle, and why we NEVER try to plot the way in which your manifestation might come. Every time we try to imagine the possible ways the manifestation could come to pass, we run the risk of imagining something “unlovely” and if we do, that has suddenly opened the door for that same “unlovely” to come right back to us. KEEP THAT DOOR SHUT, by only imagining the perfect end.

(Manifesting the middle is manipulating the situation, not to be confused “segment intending”)

“Your unexpressed convictions of others are transmitted to them without their conscious knowledge or consent, and if subconsciously accepted by them will influence their behavior.

The only ideas they subconsciously reject are your ideas of them which they could not wish to be true of anyone. Whatever they could wish for others can be believed of them, and by the law of belief which governs subjective reasoning they are compelled to subjectively accept, and therefore objectively express, accordingly.

The subjective mind is completely controlled by suggestion.”

Neville Goddard

Keeping your mind only on the end, the end result being good, because goodness is everyone’s desire, we eliminate the risk of holding another in a negative place by our assumptions. The way there, the road to that end result, that is God’s business, not ours. We get to just tend to our lovely mind garden, and let’s just admit it, that that is a nice idea. No other work to be done! Just imagine wonderful things all as often as we like.

Skip the how.

Skip all moving the chess pieces around in your mind and just go straight to check mate.

Skip revenge, and skip imagining someone else getting fired, and skip imagining someone else’s divorce.

“A clear concept of the dual nature of man’s consciousness must be the basis of all true prayer. Consciousness includes a subconscious as well as a conscious part. The infinitely greater part of consciousness lies below the sphere of objective consciousness. The subconscious is the most important part of consciousness. It is the cause of voluntary action. The subconscious is what a man is. The conscious is what a man knows. “I and my Father are one but my Father is greater than I. ” The conscious and subconscious are one, but the subconscious is greater than the conscious.

Neville Goddard

The tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind, the rest of the iceberg is bigger, and hidden. Within that subconscious mind lies the making of our likes and dislikes, our opinions, and our strategies for life, but for most of us there are flaws within our subconscious programming and our plotting and planning simply isn’t as good as God’s plan. God is also hidden within our subconscious mind, but the God-seed is so rarely tended to and watered that it hardly ever gets a chance to act out its perfection. If we give that God-seed a a chance, then our circumstances will unfold according pure perfection, but as long as all the unlovely things in our subconscious mind is getting the front row seat, well then unlovely things is what will be on display on the stage of life.

“What we are conscious of is constructed out of what we are not conscious of. Not only do our subconscious assumptions influence our behavior but they also fashion the pattern of our objective existence. They alone have the power to say, “Let us make man—objective manifestations—in our image, after our likeness.”

Neville Goddard

If your conscious mind is telling you negative, ugly, or disempowered things about you or others, then just know that you have just been made aware of the contents of your subconscious programming. This is a perfect example of failing to use our free will, of relinquishing God power to unconscious programming. By being conscious, a conscious creator, you have been given the knowledge of how to take back your omnipotence, your God-power.

“The whole of creation is asleep within the deep of man and is awakened to objective existence by his subconscious assumptions

Neville Goddard

“The subconscious reasons deductively and is never concerned with the truth or falsity of the premise, but proceeds on the assumption of the correctness of the premise and objectifies results which are consistent with the premise.”

Neville Goddard

“The subjective mind is the diffused consciousness that animates the world; it is the spirit that giveth life.”

-Neville Goddard

Give life to the lovely states. Breath life to your end state in your imaginal scene, and deflate the unlovely states by skipping over thinking about them entirely. The reason that anything at all exists in the world is because we uphold it in our mind, so is there REALYY a need to keep manifesting things that are sad, painful, hurtful or mean? Could you just SKIP that entirely and imagine JUST your end? Where we dwell most commonly in our mind, that is what we create and also what we re-create and maintain. What we fail to maintain only stays for a little while and then it exists our life again… This can be a conscious choice if we can direct our inner conversations, and our imagination.

Nothing happens by chance, and that includes the obstacles in our path. They were put there by our own imagination, and the way to get past the obstacles is by eliminating them completely from our mind.


Use the tools, make a conscious choice to use the tools in your toolbox.

  1. Inner conversations
  2. Imaginal scene
  3. Revise

“Ideas are best suggested when the objective mind is partly subjective, that is, when the objective senses are diminished or held in abeyance. This partly subjective state can best be described as controlled reverie, (a dream-like state) wherein the mind is passive but capable of functioning with absorption. It is a concentration of attention. There must be no conflict in your mind when you are praying. Turn from what is to what ought to be. Assume the mood of fulfilled desire, and by the universal law of reversibility you will realize your desire.”

-Neville Goddard

Dr Anna Bäck

To the pure all things are pure
To the lovely, all things are lovely. Wall art, By Anna Bäck


Neville Goddard Complete Library

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AWAKEN THE GODDESS MEDITATION | Goddess Like Water | Free your emotions | A Meditation

AWAKEN THE GODDESS MEDITATION | Goddess Like Water | Free your emotions

Awaken the goddess

Activate your feminine energy and set it free

Goodness is like water 

Goddess like water

Emotions change

Breathing changes

Seasons change

Make peace with your feminine energy

Dr. Anna Bäck

Goddess Meditations:

One on One Coaching:

From the vault

Inspirational Poets

A little intro to TANTRA | तन्त्र |

Here, Tantra (तन्त्र) refers to a category of texts.

The format in which this Tantras are set, is a dialogue between two beings, God and the Goddess. (Other meanings of Tantra is a ritual worship practice.)

I am the Queen, the gatherer-up of treasures, most thoughtful, first of those who merit worship.

Thus gods have established me in many places with many homes to enter and abide in.

Through me alone all eat the food that feeds them, – each man who sees, breathes, hears the word outspoken.

They know it not, yet I reside in the essence of the Universe. Hear, one and all, the truth as I declare it.

I, verily, myself announce and utter the word that gods and men alike shall welcome.

I make the man I love exceeding mighty, make him nourished, a sage, and one who knows Brahman.

I bend the bow for Rudra [Shiva], that his arrow may strike, and slay the hater of devotion.

I rouse and order battle for the people, I created Earth and Heaven and reside as their Inner Controller.

On the world’s summit, I bring forth sky the Father: my home is in the waters, in the ocean as Mother.

Thence I pervade all existing creatures, as their Inner Supreme Self, and manifest them with my body.

I created all worlds at my will, without any higher being, and permeate and dwell within them.

The eternal and infinite consciousness is I, it is my greatness dwelling in everything.

– Devi Sukta, Rigveda 10.125.3 – 10.125.8

“The soul to know itself must gaze into another soul.”

Sexuality is the most repressed, violated, judged and hidden of all the awakening sources in the human collective, at least in the west. It has been so for a long time.

With a repressed and denied sexual center there can be no awakening. The heart has its own intelligence, its own awakening experience, and so does the third eye and the crown chakra. The sexual/creative chakra is the same, it has its own intelligence.

This intense fiery passionate awakening center has been denied its rightful existence, and in this repression caused disconnect between the humans cognitive mind and our intuitive soul connection to our Godself. This disconnect looks like premature ejaculation or performance anxiety, frigidity, sex addiction and substance abuse and also precatory violent sexual behaviors and its opposing force, the victim.

Any time we view the world from the outside and looking in we gone off course, clarity because awaking can only happen from the inside.

Violently taking sexual experiences keeps awaking away because the only way there is through surrender, it is the final step and it is unavoidable, and the same is true for fearful repression, there will be no awakening. Addiction is a false belief in the outer, and the chasing and grasping of what we believe we need keeps just out of reach that which we truly desire but can’t see yet. Unaware and in the dark we keep fumbling for the small bit of happiness we believe ourselves deserving of.

A disconnect between the heart-Shen(mind) center and the kidney – Zhi or liver Hun clouds the cognitive mind and the divine connection cannot be accessed even though it is always there. The connection itself is never lost but our ability to experience it through our vessel is lost.

I am Manifest Divinity, Unmanifest Divinity, and Transcendent Divinity. I am Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, as well as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati. I am the Sun and I am the Stars, and I am also the Moon. I am all animals and birds, and I am the outcast as well, and the thief. I am the low person of dreadful deeds and the great person of excellent deeds. I am Female, I am Male in the form of Shiva.

– Devi-Bhagavata Purana

Oh I know, I know, she is dark

But so’s the coal before the spark

That makes it burn like roses

To know thyself, know thy power- the kundalini, Adi-shakti. Solicit her Energy for the salvation of thy soul.

“Let us be like

Two falling stars in the day sky.

Let no one know of our sublime beauty

As we hold hands with God

And burn

Into a sacred existence that defies –

That surpasses

Every description of ecstasy 

and love.”

~ Hafiz

When the moment cracks open, 

ecstasy leaps out and devours space;

love goes mad with the blessings.

Why lay yourself on the torturer’s rack of the past and future?

The mind that tries to shape tomorrow beyond its capacities

will find no rest.

Be kind to yourself, dear… to our innocent follies.

Forget any sounds or touch you knew that did not help you dance.

You will come to see that all evolves us.


Adi Parashakti appeared as Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness, the divine zero feminine Energy, which expresses itself as Prakriti, Universal Nature.

 Prartho Sereno

sit a while
in the seat by the window
near the birds, who have shaken off
their dreams and opened themselves
to this never-to-be-again day.
Today we won’t be asked
to bumble along the beaten byways.
For Uncertainty has come;
she is our unexpected houseguest.
Put on the water, set out the homemade jam.
Uncertainty will listen with us
as our bagels pop
from the toaster’s dark mouth.
As the teakettle wobbles
on her deep blue flame
and the coffee grounds weep
their pungent bittersweet sobs.
The truth, of course, is
that although she’s Mystery’s Child
with no history and no proper name –
she has always been with us.
If you wake in the night,
you can hear her hum as she busily
prepares our day. She is the one
who wakes us each morning,
to drizzle new questions
into our imagination, new stories,
new colors and light.
The wind is her breath.
Her body is the water
we bathe in and drink.
Uncertainty, with the soul of a gypsy,
knows the unpaved roads
to gratitude by heart.
She is our barefoot dancer
come to show us a multitude
of ways to bless the ground.
But of certain things –
like tomorrow –
she knows nothing,
and because of this,
her love knows no bounds.
Come close now…
she waits, as she always has,
to give all she has –
a love for each of us,
silver as tomorrow.
To you & yours: love, light, health,

The Heart like the sun is always shining,
Ever present, everywhere
You can try but you can’t stop it rising
So, let our love
Fill the air
Come on! La la la la la
Come on!

Hakuin says:

All beings are from the very beginning Buddha.

It is like water and ice: apart from water, no ice, outside living beings, no Buddhas.
Not knowing it is near, they seek it afar.

What a pity! It is like one in the water who cries out for thirst; it is like the child of a rich house who has strayed away among the poor.
The cause of our circling through the six worlds is that we are on the dark path of ignorance, dark path upon dark path treading; when shall we escape from birth and death?
The Zen Meditation of the Mahayana is beyond all our praise.

Giving and morality and the other perfections, taking of the name, repentance, discipline and the many other right actions, all come back to the practice of meditation.
By the merit of a single sitting he destroys innumerable accumulated sins.

How should there be wrong paths for him?
The Pure Land Paradise is not far.

When in reverence this truth is heard even once, he who praises it and gladly embraces it has merit without end.
How much more, he who turns within and confirms directly with his own nature, that his own nature is no nature; such has transcended vain words.
The gate opens and cause and effect are one; straight runs the way—not two, not three, taking as form the form of no-form, going or returning, he is ever at home.

Taking as thought the thought of no-thought, singing and dancing, all is the voice of truth.
Wide is the heaven of boundless Samadhi, radiant the full moon of the fourfold wisdom.

What remains to be sought?

Nirvana is clear before him.

This very place the Lotus Paradise, this very body the Buddha.

The sky
Is a suspended blue ocean.

The stars are the fish
That swim.

The planets are the white whales
I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light
Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon
my skin.

There is only one rule
On this Wild Playground,

For every sign Hafiz has ever seen
Reads the same.

They all say,

“Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,
In the Beloveds Divine

O, in the Beloved’s

In many parts of this world water is
Scarce and precious.

People sometimes have to walk
A great distance
Then carry heavy jugs upon their
Because of our wisdom, we will travel
Far for love.

All movement is a sign of
Most speaking really says
“I am hungry to know you.”

Every desire of your body is holy;
Every desire of your body is

Dear one,
Why wait until you are dying
To discover that divine


My beloved has stood beyond our wall

To peek into my window

And he peered through the lattice

And sang to me softly

“Rise my love, my beautiful one

The winter is past and the rains have gone

And flowers cover the world

And the time for our singing has come

You are my dove, high up among the stones

In the recesses of the cliff

I long to see your face, I long for your sweet voice

Your face so lovely, your song divine

 Listen for the voice of the turtledove

The fig bursts with new buds

And the Vineyards blossom sweetly

Rise up my love and come away with me”

 I am my love’s and my beloved is mine

We lie among Lilies until daybreak

Drives away the shadows

 “Turn to me my love

Like the gazelle of your dreams

Leaping through the mountain of spices”

My soul sought him out at night in my bed

Sought him out but could not find him

And I rose to search throughout the city

Through alleyways and avenues

I searched for the love of my life

 I searched, I sought, but could not find him

When the city watchman passed, I begged

“Have you seen him who is my soul’s delight?”

 And then I found him and held him fast

And clutched him to my heart and clung

Until he came to my mother’s house

Into the boudoir where I was conceived

O daughters of Zion, by all the gazelles of the field

I warn you, do not stir love until its time has come

-The song of songs, The book of Solomon -edited by Sam Hamill


That illumined

Who keeps
Seducing the formless into form

Had the charm to win my

Only a perfect One

Who is always
Laughing at the word

Can make you know




With every step,

Kali destroys the moment before

She cloaks the future in darkness

Remain in the eternal moment

From shadows to the light

From aggression to nonviolence

Be reborn


The sky
Is a suspended blue ocean.

The stars are the fish
That swim.

The planets are the white whales
I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light
Have forever fused themselves

Into my heart and upon
my skin.

There is only one rule
On this Wild Playground,

For every sign Hafiz has ever seen
Reads the same.

They all say,

“Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun,
In the Beloveds Divine

O, in the Beloved’s


From the beginning of my life
I have been looking for your face
but today I have seen it.

Today I have seen
the charm, the beauty,
the unfathomable grace
of the face
that I was looking for.

Today I have found you
and those that laughed
and scorned me yesterday
are sorry that they were not looking
as I did.

I am bewildered by the magnificence
of your beauty
and wish to see you with a hundred eyes.

My heart has burned with passion
and has searched forever
for this wondrous beauty
that I now behold.

I am ashamed
to call this love human
and afraid of God
to call it divine.

Your fragrant breath
like the morning breeze
has come to the stillness of the garden
You have breathed new life into me
I have become your sunshine
and also your shadow.

My soul is screaming in ecstasy
Every fibre of my being
is in love with you.

Your radiance
has lit a fire in my heart
and you have made radiant
for me
the earth and sky.

My arrow of love
has arrived at the target
I am in the house of mercy
and my heart
is a place of prayer.


When I think of you

Fireflies in the marsh rise

like the souls jewels

lost to eternal longing

abandoning my body

– Izumi Shikibu

My woman says that she’d rather marry no one than me

not if Jupiter himself asked her.

But what a woman says to her eager lover

you should write on the wind and running water.

The little sycamore she planted
prepares to speak- the sound of rustling leaves
sweeter than honey.

On its lovely green limbs
is new fruit and ripe fruit red as blood jasper,
and leaves of green jasper.

Her love awaits me on a distant shore.
The river flows between us,
crocodiles on the sandbars.

Yet I plunge into the river,
my heart slicing currents, steady
as if I were walking.

O my love, it is love
that gives me strength and courage,
love that fords the river.

– Anonymous, Egyptian 15th century poet

And the priestess spoke again and said: Speak to us of Reason and Passion.
     And he answered, saying:
     Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgement wage war against your passion and your appetite. 
     Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody.
     But how shall I, unless you yourselves be also the peacemakers, nay, the lovers of all your elements?

     Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul.
     If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas.
     For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.
     Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing;
     And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.

     I would have your consider your judgment and your appetite even as you would two loved guests in your house.
     Surely you would not honor one guest above the other; for he who is more mindful of one loses the love and the faith of both.

     Among the hills, when you sit in the cool shade of the white poplars, sharing the peace and serenity of distant fields, and meadows—then let your heart say in silence, “God rests in reason.”
     And when the storm comes, and the mighty wind shakes the forest, and thunder and lightning proclaim the majesty of the sky,—then let your heart say in awe, “God moves in passion.”
     And since you are a breath in God’s sphere, and a leaf in God’s forest, you too should rest in reason and move in passion.
- Kahlil Gibran

QUANTUM JUMP | SHIFT INTO THE SLEEPING BODY OF THE GODDESS | Fall asleep as Vajrayogini वज्रयोगिनी

QUANTUM JUMP | SHIFT INTO THE SLEEPING BODY OF THE GODESS | Fall asleep as Vajrayogini | Oneness with divinity

Vajrayoginī is a tantric deity . She is a Dakini, a “sky-dancer and Goddess of the Absolute

Vajrayogini, is a representation of complete buddhahood in female form. 

Awakening through shifting is an ancient technique used in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Enjoy this meditation to fall asleep as the Goddess. The goal is to become her!

She first appeared to the siddha, Naropa, and this is how she works. She comes to you, like a cat, she invites herself into your life. This is your sign that she belongs on your path to liberation.

In this guided meditation I have used very low binaural beats, and EMDR technology to help your brain relax, and shift brainwave states. Shifting brainwave states is key to successful quantum jumps, your rational mind has be turned off and bypassed.



Because you constantly shift all the time your life ANYWAY!

“Quantum Superposition of States:

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle in quantum mechanics by which all possibilities for something in material form exist simultaneously in all possible particular states (or all possible configurations of its properties, which is clearly interconnected with the phenomena of quantum jumping)—but whenever measured or observed, the result corresponds to only one of those possible states or configurations.”

Quantum Teleportation:

Quantum teleportation is a term used to describe the instantaneous transference of properties from one quantum system to another without physical contact, which is an essential facet of quantum jumping. As for what causes such remarkable behavior at the quantum level of reality—nobody really knows for sure. The mathematical equations describing quantum behavior work beautifully well, yet the behind-the-scenes why and how of it are anything but obvious. There are numerous physics theories that each explain what’s going on in their own unique ways, and these theories are known as ‘interpretations’ since they provide us with possible explanations for what might be going on, based on sound assumptions”

Becoming one with the divine

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