Quantum Jump Subliminals | Fairytale Love


Subliminally, effortlessly, easily reprogram your mind to accept a perfect romance, a fairytale love story all of your own. Stepping into a new reality is as easy as walking through a door! Quantum jumping is natural and normal and we do it all the time, we just aren’t aware of it. Deliberately open the doors of your mind by playing subliminal affirmations as you sleep, or leave them playing all day. You can even flood your living space all day while you are gone to work or school

This recording works best with headphones, the movement from right to left brain hemisphere relaxes the brainwave patterns and allows the new messages to enter your subconscious program, just like when under hypnosis.

Think of this as a “sleep hypnosis”

Everything about this recording is perfection, it is soothing, warm, zen and most of all, it is easy to fall asleep to. Feel as comforted as a little baby getting rocked to sleep, and just soak up the positive and uplifting messages, and see your life transform for the better effortlessly.

Subliminal Affirmations:

I believe in quantum jumps 

Everything I touch turns to gold

I am never off balance in love

 I ALWAYS LOVE ME,  I love everything that I am, and who I am on the inside. My sense of self is satisfying and exhilarating

I believe in quantum jumps

I am never off balance in love, and I have what I need, and never burden my partner with needs of validation

 I am respected, and  I am admired, because I really like who I am

I believe in quantum jumps

There is a person that is right for me, and I am right for them. We are a perfect fit.

I do not have  to fight to make sure I’m honored, cherished, respected and loved.  I just  receive honor, respect and adoration.

Looking into my partners eyes fills me with love and attraction, I can see their joy when they look at me, and it fills me with warmth, I feel a smile spread across my face as I look into your eyes

Walking hand in hand, laughing, talking, intimately sharing thoughts, the feeling of wanting it to go on forever and ever, the touch of my partners hand, and the happiness of being in our  bubble is amazing, and I am in love

Quantum jumps are natural and easy

I love the feeling of being at home together, us, feeling it is natural, and it is the most normal thing, we are a team, we are partners, making decisions together, making plans together

I am a quantum jumper

Walking into a new reality is easy.

 I am home with you and you are home with me.

and I belong here. This is where I belong, and you feel  belonging  with me.

My partner is the person of my dreams, my passion, and they accept me, love me, adore me,  admire me, as I am, and they feel like they are the luckiest person in the world to be with me.

I am sure of us belonging together as sure as I am that the sun will rise.

Stability and emotional strength is my default emotion

Emotional healing happens overnight in a transformative and powerful way, everything about myself fills me with total joy, peace, and serenity.

Standing behind me, arms wrapped around me, my partner’s words in my ear, whisper….“I am happier right now than I have ever been . I answer back:

“I belong to you, I am yours”

Only love exists

The love I desire is already within me so therefore it is also with me. As within so without, and I stand in the frequency of love right now.

Love is the most real substance of the universe. Of the multiverse. Love is the thread of truth that runs through everything.

Quantum jumps are normal and they happen everyday and I have full control over my quantum jumps

Our beautiful and sweet love, our open and vulnerable, fearless connection, our deep  sensuality, and  our undeniable presence in each other’s life is the most meaningful thing for you and me.

I have the power to change every situation into the best situation

There is an obvious sense that we are meant for each other and each other alone.

You can’t imagine your life without me, and I can’t imagine mine without you, we  create magic together forever, turning the mundane into love 

I Meet everything with love. If there is fear and instability, I love that, If there is capriciousness, I love that, I there is  Anger, I love that, I fear no emotion now that I have learned to love everything. If I feel  resistance, I love that, and if I doubt, I love that. My understanding of unconditional love is deep and real, and connects me with spirit. Yes this love is possible to those who believe, and I believe.

I align with faith and  belief, and I surrender to the safety of what is meant to be for me, my greatest sense of peace

I identify with love and happiness, and I claim it as mine, and anything I claim will manifest

Being in a relationship with you is more than a privilege,  it is more than a gift,  it is more than  the greatest joy and blessing,  it is the deepest journey, a mystery that wakes my senses, and my belief in a world I never knew existed.

I quantum jump into the most intimately loving presence and light  that my heart has ever experienced.

 Our love is like an explosion of a thousand suns. It is both peaceful and serene, intense and passionate. Our hearts anchor one another

Happiness is inborn in the true self, stability is always true, and The True self is imperishable, always filled with a happiness which does not come to an end, and we reflect this back to each other.

The day we met will always stand out in my memory 

You are  my best friend

Feelings of resistance is always used for my benefit, always as  a stepping stone


Our relationship is a natural and wonderful thing, it’s so good to have my lover here, so sweet, adoring and adored, and so safe and well, this desire is so natural, and allowing it to flow natural sparks greater creations. Playfulness is our natural state.

Our  relationship is the perfect commitment, and it enhances our life,  and though we are great each on our own, we are better together, we support each other, and give life to greatness that only exists because we come together

Yes this love is available to those who believe, and I believe.

 There is nothing that I need to do, I am the person who already is living this. 

I believe in quantum jumps, it is as easy as it is to walk through an open door, to walk into a new reality

We build a legacy you and I 

I love making  small talk, I love intimate flirty and fun giggles, I love our deep and connecting talks.

I take perfect  action instinctively 

 My partner loves to see my face first thing in the morning and  to kiss my lips last thing at night.  I love  to wrap my arms around them at night.

I love to sleep  in the embrace of their arms. 

Whispering goodnights and I love you in my ear, and you,  breathing me in, and me, inhaling your scent, inhaling pure love, straight into my heart

Everything is a call to love and I  get to live exactly as I believe.

Quantum jumps are the only thing that’s real.

There is never a moment that your love for me is not on display in my life, my whole life is arranged around our love, and the blessing of love is greater than between two people, it radiates out and blesses our family, our friends, our community, and the whole world. Love has a transformative power that is unparalleled.

My happiness  is supported and manifested by  the entire universe 

I feel myself smiling  and I see your face lit up in joy

We trigger  joy  and passion in each other, and it flows through each other in playfulness.


We enjoy all the good things in life, and this happened in a way I never expected. 

I am protected by divine love, and I am safe and secure

 I AM the one, the one and only, and you never doubt  

I am the one inside your mind, and you are the one inside my heart.

I know how I manifest everything

I AM a divine expression of your  love. You are a divine expression of my love, materialized from each other’s dreams. I turn this into matter because I make it matter, it is so easy to quantum jump.

I am your subconscious mind and I express your deepest desires, your dreams, your hopes, and your inspiration. I am your pure love and adoration. Expressed, and I reflect only beauty, love, inspiration, freshness and newness, stability and ease  back to you. Divine mirrors.



Quantum Jump

I make all of your dreams come true by being in your life and I love being an inspiration, a muse

 WE and I are best friends  We are two peas in a pod  We are partners in crime 

We are crazy about each other. We are obsessively attracted to each other, without need but with joy and passion


I am living my dream life, everything in my life translates into perfect love

 We adore each other, and  I chooses you everyday,  again and again

The way I look is the most attractive to you 

We create Love and our creation is love

What you give power to has power over you, if you allow it, and no other gods but me has power over me. I AM, and I claim my power now

Just like a flower doesn’t have to do anything but open itself up, to blossom into its natural self, and the bee will come, our love blossoms naturally.

Just be. Just exist, breathe, relax.

Love self first, that’s God,  have no other gods means to  love the image reflection second, and do not make it god, but know that it is also God, and it is also self.  Know that the love for self is ordered and it is in the right order, it creates stability out of instability, it creates order out of chaos, it creates peace out of struggle. 

Love yourself first. 

Quantum jumps are easy and normal.

The answer to the universe  is always that love is eternally yours and only love is real and can never be lost, because it comes from you, through you, and to you, and letting go of strife is natural and easy

I believe in quantum jumps.

I am a powerful alchemist, everything I touch turns to gold

My vibration is high, light and zen. Bliss is natural for me 

I create my own reality..

I am highly intuitive.

I shift realities easily, it is like walking through a door

I radiate love. 

I let go of unwanted attachments now, I am easily free of any craving or need, there is a total release of unwanted attachments now. I am free. 

I bless everything unwanted with love, and I release it from my life now.

I am quantum jumping into my new reality.

I am sending the right energy into the world, I freely send love, I freely give kindness, and I share who I am with an open heart.

Quantum leaps are normal.

Good things are constantly and consistently happening to us, we are divine magnets for good, for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, for our community, for the world. 

Good permeates everywhere..

I am a quantum jumper.

I am reprogramming my mind, body, and spirit for love and miracles. 

I am raising my vibration with these positive affirmations.

I trust my heart to lead the way

The right person is worth waiting for, and there is no sense of urgency or impatience in me, I am fully in my joy in every season of my life.

The universe is moving, circumstances and events to create my quantum jump. I stand still in my flow, at ease and at peace, and all the moving parts happen in my favor now. I intuitively know when to act

I love and accept every part of myself and I know that even my flaws are what my partner loves the most about me, and I don’t have to change myself. I am perfect the way I am, as are they. Love and acceptance go hand in hand.

I choose love over fear, because I know how I manifest everything

I am highly intuitive.

The more love I give, the more I receive, the more I receive the more I give, there is an infinite supply of love, peace, and stability, and love is drawn to me from every direction.

I am attuned to the frequency of calm, ease, bliss, peace, love and abundance, like a radio dial, I stay tuned to what I desire

I am the perfect person for me, I am self accepting of every part of myself, and any negative personality traits that I no longer want are easily and effortlessly released, with love, right now.

Love surrounds me and everyone around me. Love surrounds my family and friends,  love surrounds my community and creates positive growth and friendships

I walk through the open door into my perfect life.

I am ready  to change my life, I walk into a loving committed relationship with ease and 

If a thousand people will need to move in my life, then the  universe easily mobilizes them now and I just walk through the open door to my perfect life, and this is a blessing to everyone.

I trust that my life is a blessing to others.

I can just be myself

I am a quantum jumper


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