It Is Already Done! Neville Goddard and Manifesting

Shifting states using Neville Goddard’s approach involves moving from a state of misery and preoccupation with problems to a state of ease and trust in the unfolding of life. Let’s focus on this streamlined approach:

Awareness of Your Current State:

Start by becoming acutely aware of your current emotional and mental state. Recognize the pattern of your thoughts, which often dwell on obstacles and problems. .

Simply notice what occupies your imagination regularly. Without any judgment, notice the patterns of your thoughts and where your imagination tends to wander. This isn’t about labeling thoughts as good or bad. It’s about becoming conscious of the predominant mental landscape you reside in, when facing challenges.

The key is to be a neutral observer, recognizing the tendencies of your imagination. For instance, notice if your thoughts often revolve around identifying obstacles, contemplating problems, or constantly engaging in active problem-solving within your mind. By enhancing this awareness, you pave the way for a deliberate shift in how you use your imagination.

You’re acknowledging the creative power of your thoughts and the realization that imagining problem-solving may inadvertently create more problems to solve.

The ultimate shift involves moving from this autopilot problem-solving mode to a state where you trust in the natural flow of life, where solutions effortlessly unfold without the constant need for active, conscious problem-solving. The problem is in fact already solved. You can save yourself the trouble by shifting states.

Imagining a State Free of Obstacles:

Instead of getting caught up in imagining and solving problems, imagine NOT imagining the problem, this is a state where you are not preoccupied with obstacles.

Feel yourself free from the incessant problem-solving mindset, with a clear and peaceful mind. This involves imagining a mental state where you trust that solutions are already present and don’t need immediate conscious effort. See yourself relaxed, living in a flow where answers come to you effortlessly. -” Thank you, for all the problems have already been solved.”

Remember, the essence of this shift is to let go of the habitual preoccupation with obstacles and trust that solutions are already inherent in the situation. Through this shift, you move from a state of tension and problem-focused thoughts to one of calm assurance and trust in the process of life.

Why are we here? To make images. The whole universe is an image of cosmic fancy. We are learning, so we begin with the simplest things – a job, a new home, a change in environment. We do it in the same way as our Father did it, but this is a classroom so we make mistakes – but the fault is not ours for we are not yet awake. There was the perfect system, existing for its creator, and then God set free certain portions of it, and so he “prepared the way for his banished ones to return.” God seeks what has been driven away, so that he may say: “This, my son, who was dead [and] is alive again.” So we are the one he is seeking. There is something hidden in this coat of skin that he is seeking.

Neville Goddard

Manifest magazine

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