Healing from within | Vlog | and 23 Suggestions for self love

23 Suggestions for self love

  1. Talk to and about yourself with love.
  2. Prioritizing yourself.
  3. Trusting yourself, try with small things and notice how it feels
  4. Being true to yourself, if you feel triggered, speak to yourself example, “I feel scared, but right now I am doing my best to become grounded”
  5. Being nice to yourself. Keep an appointment with yourself every day where you speak nice things to yourself, anything you can think of works, thank yourself for all the nice things that you are.
  6. Setting healthy boundaries. It is a learning curve, sometimes you will get it right and sometimes you won’t, try setting boundaries daily.
  7. Remember that you don’t have to be healed to treat yourself with love and you don’t have to become perfect, ever.
  8. Remind yourself that there might be unrealistic demands of you, and that you do not need to meet ANY unrealistic expectations, for example, a partner that thinks that you should be better by now. You are doing your best, at a pace that you are able to, and that is enough. You are something that all people are, imperfectly perfect. Your perfection lies in your flaws. 
  9. Nothing is more healing than gratitude, find something every day that you are grateful for, it can be the smallest thing, be grateful for your hands that work, for your feet that can keep you standing, for your legs that can walk etc
  10. Practice letting go of control consciously. Imagine letting go of what your breath does once it has been inhaled. Notice that it takes care of itself without your interference. Make a note of every time that you are comfortably letting go of control.
  11. Try something that you worry is too selfish. Do it anyway.
  12. Practice making mistakes. Example, get a cup out of your cupboard and drop it on the floor, say :oops I made a mistake, be okay with the mistake, and clean it up and let go.
  13. Learn how to check in with your emotions frequently, remember that emotions are usually just a one word expression and not a long rant. Long rants are ruminating thoughts and are different from emotions. Emotions can be expressed by looking into your body, not your head. It might feel tight in your chest, or you might feel that your stomach hurts. Seek for a word that might express that tension, for example, “I feel dread”, or I fell terrified” or I feel frozen” or you might feel fine, or you might feel comfort.
  14. Start to take a good look at your social circle, and notice who is loving, who is supportive, notice if someone is bringing you down, and start spending less time with those that don’t support you. Remind yourself that you don’t owe them anything, and ditch them if they don’t contribute anything positive to your life. 
  15. Remind yourself daily to eat as healthy as possible
  16. As mentioned above, reconnecting with your body is the most healing activity you can do, so beside for the already mentioned activities, get moving in other ways, go for walks, bike rides, jogs, lift weights, dance, or swim.
  17. Start to love your body. Begin with your toes, and your feet, your legs your hips, your stomach your back your arms your head etc, talk to each body part with love. Be unconditional with each body part.
  18. Start being creative, pain a picture, if you don’t know how to paint, paint a bad picture, or, write an awful poem, write five songs about your ordeals, don’t try to make it “be good” just work on self-expression.
  19. If you have been doing tough love on yourself, stop it immediately, and do nurturing love, self-soothe by singing songs to yourself, or soothing self talk as if you were a little baby. Mother yourself instead.
  20. Celebrate milestones, if you did not get triggered by something that previously triggered you, celebrate yourself in any way that you want. Small wins matter!
  21. Start journaling, and use the revision technique to explore what your wants are.
  22. Be realistic and accepting of your true emotions, nobody is happy 24/7 and you are a trauma survivor. If you feel depressed, accept that and know that it is fine to be depressed. Talk to yourself about how if is totally fine to feel depressed, talk to yourself about how feelings don’t last forever, and that soon enough you will experience a happy moment. 
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