God and the Space Between | Nothingness and Doership

God and the Space Between | Nothingness and Doership

Creation and Consciousness

The concept of God as the space between, as the instances where something is neither one nor the other…. God or consciousness, as the creator, the interstitial spaces where existence seemingly hovers in transition….Nondoership….Nothingness.

The Genesis of Creation

When a cell divides into two, there exists a brief moment, a space between, where it is neither one cell nor two cells. It is in this transient moment that creation unfolds. In a similar vein, one can perceive tbis nothing, as the divine space between, the impetus for creation and the genesis of life itself. This space is vital to grasp for the manifester. This nothingness. Let’s dive into why.

You can not serve two masters

(47) Jesus said, “A person cannot (at the same time) mount two horses or draw two bows. And a slave cannot serve two masters, but truly will honor the one and scoff at the other. No person drinks vintage wine and immediately desires to drink new wine. And new wine is not put into old wineskins lest they burst.

The Breath of Existence

Consider the simple act of breathing, where life is sustained through inhales and exhales. Yet, in the pause between an inbreath and an outbreath, there exists a space, a stillness, where it is neither inhalation nor exhalation. This pause, like the concept of God, represents a moment , a space beyond definition. Notice this moment, and become aware of its nothingness. This is the “Sabbath”.

The Chicken and the Egg

The age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, embodies the concept of an eternal loop, a paradox where neither one seems to hold primacy. This enigma is akin to the idea of God or consciousness—an infinite existence where it is neither the beginning nor the end. But both a chicken and an egg is a something. For a brief moment, a space exists where it is neither chicken or egg. Think about this space. Think about how the chicken has nothing of egg anymore.

The Divine Essence in the In-Between

Think about the concept of God or consciousness as the space between, and discover the moment of nothingness.. God, as the creator, can be envisioned in those moments. There is either nothing, or there is something. Anything that is not nothing, is something. It is manifest. The space in between is unmanifest. Godconsiousness.

Serving a Singular Purpose, Your Goal and Focus

In this transformational nothingness, you must choose. You can not serve two masters, you must dedicate yourselves entirely to the new state you aspire to embody. The old and new states are incompatible; attempting to straddle both can blocks progress.

Where ‘Nothing’ Meets ‘Something’

At the core of creation lies this pivotal threshold—the space where ‘nothingness’ becomes ‘manifestation. This transition marks the shift of states, and this is the “Sabbath”. It is within this space that God’s creative force makes miracles. You can never imagine, from the old state, what the new state will really, be, but if you can find NOTHINGNESS, the Sabbath, it will be greater than what you imagined.

“You cannot put new wine in old bottles or new patches upon old garments”

That is; you cannot take with you into the new consciousness any part of the old man. All of your present beliefs,fears and limitations are weights that bind you to your present level of Consciousness. If you would transcend this level you must leave behind all that is now your present self, or conception of yourself.

To do this you take your attention away from all that is now your problem or limitation and dwell upon just being. That is; you say silently but feeling to yourself “I AM”

Do not condition this ‘awareness’ as yet. Just declare to yourself to be and continue to do so, until you are lost in the feeling of just being, faceless and formless.

When this expansion of consciousness is attained,then,within this formless deep of yourself, give form to the new conception by feeling yourself to be that which you desire to be.

You will find within the deep of yourself all things to be divinely possible. Everything In the world which you can conceive of being, is to you, within this present formless awareness,a most natural attainment.

Neville Goddard, At Your Command

These six days are not twenty-four-hour periods of time.

They symbolize the psychological moment a definite subjective state is fixed.

These six days of work are subjective experiences, and consequently cannot be measured by sidereal time, for the real work of fixing a definite psychological state is done in consciousness.

The time spent in consciously defining yourself as that which you desire to be is the measure of these six days.

A change of consciousness is the work done in these six creative days; a psychological adjustment, which is measured not by sidereal time but by actual (subjective) accomplishment. Just as a life in retrospect is measured not by years but by the content of those years, so too is this psychological interval measured – not by the time spent in making the adjustment, but by the accomplishment of that interval.

The true meaning of six days of work (creation) is revealed in the mystery of the VAU, which is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and the third letter in the divine name – JOD HE VAU HE.

As previously explained in the mystery of the name of Jehovah, VAU means to nail or join.

The creator is joined to his creation through feeling; and the time that it takes you to fix a definite feeling is the true measure of these six days of creation.

Mentally separating yourself from the objective world and attaching yourself through the secret of feeling to the subjective state is the function of the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, VAU, or the six days of work.

There is always an interval between the fixed impression, or subjective state, and the outward expression of that state.

The interval is called the Sabbath.

Freedom for All, Neville Goddard

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