Non-Dual Tantra

Alternatives To Help You Thrive, Alternatives to manifesting, Alternatives to Big Pharma, True Healing, True Enlightenment. Transcendental Non Dual Practices Made Manifest.

Consciousness embodiment practices

Many Modalities To Body-Mind-Spiritual Wellness

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AWAKEN BODY CONSCIOUSNESS | Somatic Awareness Meditation | Body Bliss Meditation | Divine feminine
Beginners TANTRA
Oneness and awakening begins by going within. Enter GODSTATE
The subconscious mind exists in every cell of the body, not in the brain


Becoming The Goddess, This meditation merges you with your inner Vajrayogini, Sky Dancer, Female Buddha
TANTRA | ENTER THE SHAKING | A Sensual Awakening | 112 methods
Becoming The Goddess
In Tantra, the shadow is mastered by observing the mirror, circumstances and other people.
“As waves come with water and flames with fire, so the universal waves with us”.
Tantra | ORDINARY LOVE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE |The Love of TANTRA | Awaken and Manifest Love

Awakening becomingthegoddess Divine Feminine GATEWAY Goddess healing law of assumption manifest manifestation MANIFESTING manifest love Manifest your dreams meditation neville goddard specific person