Indecision ≠ Law Of Assumption

Indecision ≠ Law Of Assumption

The law of assumption, and Neville Goddard teaches us that fear, doubt and indecision will wreck the manifestation, and faith will bring it home.

Fear and doubt are opposites of faith, and indecision is the opposite of ASSUMTION.

Think about how we manifest things all the time without thinking about it. That is because we ASSUME that it is so.

The sun rises. The sun sets. There is air to breathe. Your blood circulates. A million things go on and your assumption is that it will. You might assume that you are more than capable at your skill. Or that you are beautiful. Or that people love your company.


We assume a great many negative things too, and those manifestations just as easily come to pass.

We might assume:

I have to work hard.

Going to school is necessary to rise in job position.

You have to have money to make money.

Other people don’t understand how difficult things are for me.

My partner never really listens to me.

My kids are not doing well enough.

Endless negative manifestations come out of our unconscious assumptions, and we don’t experience ANY indecision when we assume these negative things so they quickly and easily manifest. Florence Scovel Shinn calls these “our dreary desires” and I love how she expresses it that way. Read her “The power of the spoken word” to understand her view on this. “Your DREARY desires are answered drearily, your impatient desires are long delayed or violently fulfilled”

What she means by dreary desires, are exactly this: Your assumptions of misery, poverty, sickness and loss are answered in kind. With more of the same. This is how the Law of Assumption works. The power to make new assumptions is in your own hands, or in your own mind, rather.

Indecision is simply a lack of having assumed anything at all, and this is why your manifestation is in limbo. On hold. Waiting for you to make up your mind. Do you want it or do you not want it?

This is why detachment and COMMITMENT is needed in equal measure.

An assumption that NOT dreary is and assumption of “the wish fulfilled”, key word being “wish” rather than what you don’t wish…. See that? Dare to imagine the very thing you want the most, push all those “dreary” assumptions aside, and dare to dream big. And maybe even bigger. Hang around in that dream long enough to feel what if feels like. Maybe you’ll get a breathtaking view from this perspective. Stay in this state long enough to ENJOY the breathtaking view.

Look at it.

Feel it.

Feel into it.

Smell, sense and experience it.

THIS is the state of the wish fulfilled. Spend more and more time in THIS state and those dreary desires will soon be gone. This is what inventors do. It is what artists and musicians do. It is what lovers do….

Anna Bäck

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